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My home is far away

Engelska dikter Posted on 24 Nov, 2015 10:18

Where I belong, my home is far away.
I reach to my roots, I want them closer –
but it seems that they have forgotten about me.
My soul is empty, my heart is bleeding –
something is missing.

Feeling of sadness

Engelska dikter Posted on 19 Apr, 2015 19:19

Feeling of sadness
drive me to madness.
I am free like a bird,
I am captured like a lion.
My freedom depends on me,
and I have to agree.

Be happy, live life, do funny things,
laugh a lot!
One day, you are going to realize
that life is to short for feeling sad.
Breathe with all your lungs,
be satisfied with small things!

Every day on earth is our gift from God
to do the best of what we get.

Try to do that, and you will be happy!

Life seems to go down

Engelska dikter Posted on 02 Apr, 2015 19:08

Black is my colour now.
My life seems to go down.

I am crying for help,
but no one can hear me.
It feels like I am underground.
Without light, without air.

Let me go, let me breed,
let me feel alive.
I want to see the meaning of life.

Feed me with your love,
give me your streingth,
give me a chance to raise
and reach the sun.

Black is my colour now.
My life seems to go down.

Deep inside

Engelska dikter Posted on 22 Mar, 2015 19:19

Deep inside of me
is burning a fire,
a fire of my desire.

Every step I make,
every breath I take –
it is because of You.

Do not make me wait!
Do not waste my time!

I need Your love,
I need your soul.
Do not break my heart –
open Your doors for me!

Do not make me wait!
Do not waste my time!

Do not shut me out of Your life,
my friend, my lover, my soulmate!

When the sun is rising and the moon is hiding,
I will be always there for You.

Do not doubt at me!
Do not leave me aside,
because I am Your friend, lover
and soulmate!